How to do a home energy audit

The best online home energy check is probably the Energy Saving Trust’s Home Energy Check.  It runs through around 40 questions to cover your home’s building fabric, levels of insulation, heating and hot water system to determine how energy-efficient your home is and what can be done to improve it.

The easiest way to take part is online which should only take around 10-15 minutes.  To ensure a realistic assessment of your property is done it is advisable to walk around your house to check any details that you may be unsure about.

Once you have completed the survey it automatically generates a PDF report for you to download.  The report an energy rating for your home as well as tips on improving it. Alternatively you can do a paper version and the EST will post you the report.

The home energy check could be followed up by raising your awareness of the energy used by different appliances.  One way to do this is to invest in a smart meter such as the OWL Wireless Electricity MonitorSmart meters are easily connected to your existing meter to provide real-time detailed information about energy consumption and cost.  They are set to become much more prevalent, as the Department for Energy & Climate Change recently announced that it plans to roll out electricity & gas smart meters to all homes along with small & medium-sized businesses by 2020.

For general advice about the energy efficiency of products in your home visit the Energy Saving Trust to search energy-efficient products or work out the total energy and costs savings if particular actions such as insulating your loft or fitting low energy lighting are taken.  They also provide details of grants or interest-free loans to undertake projects to improve the efficiency or to install a renewable energy system.

Energy Saving Trust

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