What is the Shieling Dryer?

The Shieling Dryer is a clothes drying tent.  The tent was created over 25 years ago at Shieling Holidays on the Isle of Mull, originally to dry out a wooden lifeboat.  The resultant drying effect was found to be useful for clothes drying.

There are two models available, a family tent (H 2m, W 2.3m, L 2.5m; 4 washer loads equivalent) and a professional tent (H 2m, W 4m, L 5m; 10 washer loads equivalent).

How does it work?

It’s very simple.  The tent provides a cover against rain while the passage of air will dry the laundry.  Ironing is saved as the wind reduces creases while the laundry hangs.

Is it for you?

It’s a considerable investment (£200 inc delivery & support) but if you have the land and the laundry turnover it could save you both energy and money over a tumble dryer.

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