How to check air quality in your area

Air quality is important for our well-being but levels are reduced when air pollution persists.  Air pollution is largely caused by the burning of diesel and other fuels which release minute airborne particles into the air.  These particles can cause a risk to human health when they are breathed deeply into the lungs.   While the UK’s air quality is much better than during the infamous periods of smog during the heavy industry of the past we are still ranked amongst the worst polluters in Europe for air pollution.

According to a recent government study, around 50,000 Britons may be dying prematurely each year due to air pollution.  In the long-term air quality is expected to improve but in the meantime here are some websites to help check air quality where you live.


UK Air Quality Archive – UK government’s information service with regional forecasts for the next 24 hours for air pollution and associated health advice.  In London there is the London Air Quality Network.


Check European air quality across different cities using Air Quality Now or Eye on Earth.

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