Canadian coffee chains offer refill discount

Coffee chains in Canada are helping to reduce waste by offering discounts for customers who bring in their travel mugs.  Canadian coffee chains such as Tim Hortons and Second Cup now offer 10-30 cents off while David Tea’s offers 10% off the price of a hot drink when providing staff with a travel mug.  While this discount is small it is a significant move in the right direction.

Very few UK coffee shops offer this deal which got me thinking why this might be.  Admittedly Canadians do drink a lot more coffee than Brits, around 6.5 kg per person per year vs just 2.8kg coffee per person per year in Britain.  North America is of course also the home of the coffee chains, Starbucks most notably.  However the main reason must be the difference in coffee culture.  Most Canadians grab their coffee on the move while most Brits take a seat.  Travel mugs make a lot more sense to consumers on the move.  Coffee chains make more out of selling merchaindise and their own coffee to take away so a branded travel mug is a smart move.

For 9 other reasons while travel mugs are a smart idea, see this Baristastic blog post.

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